Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hello December

Hi sweeties
I can't believe it's already December, I feel like this year has pass by so fast! but still there are at least 30 days to finish up what we look for to achieve this year, right?!

Anyway, for couple of months now I've been wanting to get a Jogger :p it's a very different piece to my wardrobe but I just felt like it would be a great add! So the other day in the mall I noticed a new shop opening there, and the colors of the shop attracted me so I thought of checking the shop which is Mataln. The shop was specious nice and it had a lot of nice stuff, and that's when I found this Jogger! I wasn't really sure if I really want it and it will look good on me or not, so I thought let's try it!

I first tried the safe option on the right and then when trying the left one I tried not to look at the mirror but then I actually loved it and pictured it with a hot lovely high heel pop of color shoes! I knew I had to have it! so I did :)
Yesterday I took that new piece into action and paired it with a black transparent with lace details blouse and as I pictured a turquoise high heels - I think this look is very different of what I used to but it's a good thing to try new stuff right!

I'm hoping that my next step would be boyfriend jeans even though I can't see myself there :p oops!
what do you think of the look I created? can I make it cooler in another way? and what are your new try outs?

have a joyful month,
see you soon ❤

Jogger: Mataln
Shoes: H&M - old
Blouse and bag: local shop
heart necklace: forever 21
watch: everswiss

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