Monday, July 14, 2014

FAVes !!

Hello lovely people!!
I've been wanting to do this post for a very long time but every time I start I just feel like mmm no not this time, and just about the other day I felt like YES I should do this post! I've always been a "dear diary" kinda person, I love writing down what special things happen in my life or what goes around me and after sometime you just go back to remember all these warm and fuzzy memories! No wonder I fell in love with blogging -duh!! :p- So there were few people in this internet "blogging" world that were very inspiring to me without them knowing that!! I just wish that someday I'll influence someone just like what they did to me! I do follow a lot of bloggers and vloggers and I get so excited when they post something new but I will name only 3 here because I really am obsessed with their posts - if I can say that!!

my first inspirational person is -drum rolls- missglamorazzi
she is a very genuine person outgoing, so passionate about everything in life!! I know she's a vlogger but still she inspires me to just go forward with my blog I just relate to her so much! I recently got to know her youtube channel in the new year, which is like 6 months ago but ever since I've been so addicted to her videos!! I have to be honest I was into blogging a long time before knowing about missglamorazzi but she became my number one because … I just relate to her and besides her channel is like 5 years old!! that's super big number right?!!

My second best is ….. mariannan
what can I say about marianna!! I knew her blog like 2 years ago and she was the biggest influencer that made me set my mind into getting into the blogging world! I mean in one week I saw all of her posts, which go back to like 2 years and they were FULL of adventure and while reading the post I felt like I was living with her or something like that :p I got a lot of emotions through her post timeline like one minute happy the second eyes full of tears because she did accomplish some amazing things!! in short she's a real inspiration!!

and my last but not least fav is … pastrymaker
I know instagram is not anywhere near blogging but this person through her account she turned that passion in my to just do what I love doing and to just do it! I was a little surprised that she lives near by but it just gave me more energy to believe that if she can do it then so can I, because sometimes I really feel like I need a huge push to do what's on my mind and she simply did that. I also tried her victoria cake without know that she was the one who did it but OMG!! that was a piece of heaven! so delicious.

with all that being said I LOVE knowing more and more bloggers, vloggers and anyone who is passionate about life! so tell me who do you follow or like?
and until next time I wish you a joyFULL week :)