Tuesday, December 31, 2013

do it yourself!

one of the things I love is personalizing my stuff and I so love it when someone says  "OMG that is so you" yay! like the best compliment ever! it's either for a clothing piece, colors , or simply anything I own! 
A few months ago I got a notebook for my bag - sometimes a flying idea comes into my mind and I like being old fashioned about it so I write it down instead of saving it on my iPhone - and ever since I got it I was thinking of changing its cover a little. Until this week of which I thought of doing my unfinished work before 2014! and that little make over was one of these things :D I felt like a kid playing while doing that make over and I'm actually super happy about the results ^_^ and to celebrate my happiness I made a lovely dinner for my family that we all loved! 
I'm definitely not going to let my devilish lazy side convince me with the "later" idea ever again :p I'm more than ready for new dream, hope, and goals! welcome 2014!!

happy new year ✭ and may this be the year of which all of your dreams and wishes come true ❤ 


  1. This is a nice blog! and I'm happy to found another bahraini blogger!

    1. Thank you ❤ it means a lot to me!!! and yes same feelings :D