Monday, December 2, 2013

geometric art!

Hello sweeties,
Ever since I started the blog I promised myself couple of things, which are:
- DO NOT GIVE UP on anything just because it's hard, they say the beginning is always the hardest!! so NO, keep going!
- say no to hesitation! there are a lot of things I feel so excited to do but because I tend to hesitate I don't do most of these things!! and eventually wish I had! it also has something to do with fear and shyness!!
that's mostly what I really need to stop doing! or start doing :P
anyway! to start something to help myself against these promises is to practice more of something I so much love, which is graphic design! ❤ I'm currently working on polishing my skills and I told myself that it is a step by step thing and here's what I did last night from the tutorials by spoongraphics and then I added some little touches of my own!

so tell me what do you think! 
and have a nice day ❤


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