Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dec 17 - something new, something cold, and something borrowed!!

Good evening  :)It's finally getting colder here like 17˚ !! - yes that's our sweet winter xD - and everywhere is frosted with lights .. lights! for the national day and christmas! Day by day I get super excited for the new year .. 2014 I know it's gonna be good ان شاء الله ! with that excitement I wanna show you my recent new spicy items in my life :p and first is my new NIKON D7000! omg I still can't believe I got this lovely cam! I remember having it on my wish list for 2013! so happy and proud, and I have a new promise to myself which is to benefit from it to the best for me and for the world :) other new stuff are baby lips lip balm from maybelline so sweet and gives good moister but oops not the best color for me :p! the carrie diaries "Summer and the city" is my bed time story to have big dreams and wake up to capture these dreams :) also my baby flowers, can't wait to see them grow!! and finally Victoria's secrets pure daydream collection!! I love how intense VS's products lovely smell!! and that's it for today, my home is filled with original popcorn smell ❤ :p I love having hot food in this lovely cold weather..

Enjoy your day!


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