Sunday, February 16, 2014

A little wish to come true!

Hello lovelies ❤
I miss blogging! it's been a while but it was only because I was traveling with my family!! I spent almost 2 weeks in a city in Iran and my last trip there was summer 2010 I think, so to be there at this time of the year a lot have changed!! and the city absolutely looks different than the greenish summery look! it looked a little sad and grey which is something I'm not really used to see in that city and I would totally root for summer there!

after few days the weather changed dramatically, suddenly it's so cold like 3 C which is to me was super cold, given the fact that my home island's coldest winter degree would probably be 10 C! and as the sun have set that day we started noticing little cotton flakes flying in the air and that's when we realized that OMG it's snowing!!!!!

It only took few minutes to whiten the entire place!! I was so happy to see that, I felt like a little girl and even my dad's inner child was awake!! we were touching the snow, making ice balls and icemen it was just so fun and joyful!

and when the snow stopped, wearing tons of clothes was not enough to keep us warm! it was freezing to live in -16 C but that's how I knew that sometimes the coolness of the winter can take summer's hotness down! :p
Seeing the snow was one of my oldest wishes ever! I'm so glad that it came true and I don't think that I'll behave in a different way when I see it again :p! after all I still get super happy when it rains! :D don't you?!

have a nice day ❤