Thursday, May 12, 2016

Ooh lipstick!

Hello lovelies ✿

they say "If you're sad, add more lipstick and attack" one of the things I get so excited about ever since I was a little girls is lipstick, and still do! I believe that it can tell a lot about you and how you feel. because when deciding what color to wear I always choose one that depends on my mood! that's why I cherish my lipstick family wether it was cream, matte, liquid or even shimmery!   

On most days when I'm feeling calm and normal I wear neutrals and recently I've been obsessing over Kiko's " Classic rose" it's so pretty and creamy, I can't get enough of it! the other one from ArtDeco "Soft rose"  is almost the same but shimmery.
 Wearing bold lipstick is like wearing high heels, it just adds more confidence to your look! and I just noticed that my bold lipsticks are matte!! I really don't know why! A classic red I think is a must have and similar to it is a bright pink! 
I've always been a fan of lipgloss, it reminds me of my teenage years ❤ and with liquid lipsticks it kind of reminded me of that time! I've been hearing a lot about NYX liquid lipsticks especially the matte ones and I fell in love with "Prague" it was a new shade that I wanted to have and they were on sale so I couldn't resist neutral one "San Paulo". I loved them both, they're creamy but matte and they kind of smell like Vanilla which is so sweet. The other one is very pigmented pink-ish brown one I love it as well! 
This must be my only high end lipstick YSL and it's very special to me it was a gift from my sister, it's a soft girly pink with shimmer. I love wearing it for glamourous looks and it looks so feminine.

I have to say that I care a lot about lipstick's names, they make me like it even more and I've been eyeing some new products that I want to join my family! but for now I love what I have, they relate to how I feel :) 

have a lovely weekend, 


Friday, April 29, 2016

Travel far but always come back home!

Hello there! It's been quite a while since my last post and that's because I was preparing to travel -for the first time with my twin girls- and the other half of the month was the trip and I have to admit I was PRETTY nervous about the whole idea but I kept pretending that everything was going to be OK! So far I can say that we are all enjoying our trip and it's always nice to see people smile whenever they see the little girls! I'm not gonna lie I did lose my temper few times but overall we're enjoying our time! Here are few pics of Mashhad and can I say how beautiful it is in spring the place is filled with flowers and the weather is amazing!!

This was the perfect getaway kind of trip for me and I still have some time to make more memories. 


Friday, April 1, 2016

Bye Bye March ...

thank you march for the lovely family atmosphere that filled up the entire place here! it was so nice and it made March just different than anytime of the year. on the other hand March is the ending of winter which means lots and lots of lovely rain with thunderstorms and sometimes lightenings - I know that some people just don't like but trust here we enjoy it as much as we can because it so light and refreshing!

I guess I just want to say how much I enjoyed march to the fullest! and to some April 1 = April's fool but not to me!! April is the month of beauty, love, magic and most of all SPRING! can't wait to fill my place with flowers and just everything else as well!

Have a happy friday,

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It's all about books ...


When I was little my dad used to take us every mean while to bookstores, book fairs and even when we travel it's a must-visit to bookstores there. and I do remember that he never says no when we want to buy a book actually he used to appraise our choices and sometimes recommends something so we can better learn and read! so that was something I grew up on and loved it, and thank god my husband also has a huge library.. lucky me, I really hope that I can pass that to my daughters! One of the things I look for every time is Bahrain International Book Fair that a lot of people in my country look forward too as well - which is a really nice thing.. ever since I saw those big ads that it will open in March I was so excited to go and so I went today!! unfortunately my visit was super short because I got there like 8.45 pm and it closes at 10.00 pm so I didn't really have enough time but I did get some cool stuff! 

though I love reading but I'm not really a novel's kind of person, so I like other things - I don't know what to call them but you know what I mean :D and mostly I like inspirational and motivational kind of books so that's all I bought! It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be - Paul Arden, Whatever you think, think the opposite - Paul Arden, and let me translate it in the most appropriate way: Inspiring people - Saleh Alkhazem. 
I wanted to find something for the girls but I didn't get to the kids section but I did get them those cute puppets!! I think they're more colorful than cute :3 but let's hope it does the trick!! 
I really hope I can go before it ends but if I couldn't I'm happy with what I've got! 


Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21


One of the most anticipated times of the year is March 21, why you may ask? because it is "Mother's Day!" though they deserve more than a day, still it is so beautiful to fully dedicate this day to mothers and make them feel super special, it doesn't have to be with a pricy gift or even a gift for that matter. Just a simple gesture can make a mother's heart skip a beat of happiness. Therefore, I decided to dedicate this post to a wonderful woman, my wonder woman, my mum ❤ and now that I'm a mother myself I know how much she gave us everything she could with an unconditional love that we can't no matter how hard we try to repay that! but for now all I can say is thank you god for blessing me with my mum and I LOVE YOU!

Happy mother's day ...

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

all time prime!!

Do you ever feel like you're a perfectionist? like you care about every little detail?! like you want that particular thing to be the best of all? as for me I would say that I do that - sometimes- yes I'm guilty!!  one of the things I tend to seek perfection in or the best of all are beauty products. I love makeup but I don't like wearing it all the time everyday so I look for something that can give me great results in terms of shine-control considering that I have an oily skin. One product that really attracted me and I've heard a lot about is The Porefessional from Benefit, but before I run and buy it I thought of trying it and to be honest even my husband noticed that my skin looked silkier! so I had it on top of my must have list, and for my luck when I finally went to buy it it was holidays season aka December and I got it with a nice package and lovely sample gifts.

the all time prime package contains the porefessional balm, Stay don't stray eyeshadow primer, and Stay flawless primer. So far it's been almost three months since I had this and I can say I LOVE the porefessional balm! it's looks beautiful on it's own, controls shine for more than 4 hours and when using it as a primer with makeup it makes it look smooth and pretty. as for the other primers I didn't like the "Stay flawless" primer it dries quickly and I couldn't blend it - I didn't really give it a second chance but I didn't like it! on the other hand the eyeshadow primer is so nice! It really shows my eyeshadow and it keeps my eye lids from creasing for like 5 hours! it can be used as a primer for the under eye concealer but I didn't really try that, maybe I should!
The sales lady was really nice to me and she gave me the porefessional license to blot blotting stick and they're real mascara - but I forgot to take a picture of it! I love mascaras that give volume more than length and "they're real" is more of a lengthening kind of mascara so I use it as a first coat then apply Dior show mascara or by itself for neutral look! but the stick I didn't really know how to use it because when I did "blot" the shiny areas of my face it kind of smudged my makeup - hmm! so I can't really say much about it! 
If there's one for sure thing to say about benefit products is they're awesome packaging!! they're so cute and appealing! 

have a nice day and Hello March!

Sunday, February 7, 2016


Hello ❤

When I was little I thought that when I have kids I'll play dress up with them every time I want to go out and now that I do have my angel twins I found out that it was TRUE!! :D and the fun part is that I have a lot of matching options to do like dressing them a like or like a theme and I love matching my outfits with them! not like I'll wear the same thing but something that goes along. All of that is the fun part but unfortunately whenever I finish dressing them we immediately go out so I don't really get the time to take pictures but I'm working on that now :) here's what we wore last week on our "date night".
I wanted "the simple elegant" just a basic jeans with a lovely sweater and simple accessories with the perfect bag! I'm deeply in love with the bag ❤ As for the little ones a nice dress with lovely boots says it all! and for hair accessories whenever in doubt just put a bow on it! :) I think our theme was teal and pink for a romantic combination!

What do you think of our outfits?  Hope you have a nice week ..❤Jeans: Mango (old) - Sweater :Splash  - Watch: DKNY Dress: M&co - Pink cardigan: H&M - Sweater: Monsoon - Tights: Matlan - Boots : Red Tag   

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Gift Ideas for him!

Happy Friday lovelies …

I found something in common with almost every girl I know is that whenever we think of getting our husbands, or dads a gift we always wonder what to give them? it's never an easy task to do so, and since my wedding anniversary is near by I had to think of a gift myself. I believe that every occasion has its own specialty to determine the kind of a gift like for anniversary I think it's most likable to give him something that he'll remember me with and therefore it's the classic gifts. By classic I mean a watch, cologne, and a wallet. This year is no different in which my husband is really into SevenFriday watches, unfortunately it's a little bit too above my budget :p so I had to look for something similar in a way or another and that's when I thought of making a list of suggestions for the classic men's gift and thought of different budgets big, good, and ok kind and here's what I came up with…

I hope you like my suggestions and hopefully I'll pick something soon :p Have a nice day,
1. SevenFriday |  2. Diesel  |  3. Fossil  |   4. Creed   |  5. Bvlgari  | 6. Lacoste  | 7. Mont Blanc  |  8. Ralph Lauren   |  9. Nordstorm   

Monday, January 18, 2016

memories of 2015

Happy new year :)
I know it's almost two weeks late to say so but I still wanted to say it anyway ;) though this post was published and then deleted!! I don't know how but I don't mind doing it all over again!

I know that years from now when I look at older posts I would remember everything about the time I wrote it or how I prepared for it and most importantly is how I felt about it! so I thought of wrapping all of 2015 memories into my first best of the year products -yay so happy!

Taking care of hair last year was a little bit more intense than ever, because I suffered from a severe hair-loss and overall damaged because of the post pregnancy thing! so the best products that were there with me through those hard times were:

1. Indola Innova - hair growth tonic: I had this tonic for quite some time but never really used it well until July. I used it every night on damp or dry hair hoping that something will change because I reached to a point where I was really insecure about my hair condition! After almost two weeks I started noticing that the falling hair was less than before and sooner there was baby hair :D really happy with the results and I still use it! LOVE IT.
2. Macadamia Healing oil: when I say that my hair was damaged I mean frizzy and crazy and when I thought that by getting a short hair cut would solve the problem, I actually made it worse!! therefore I started using this oil Along with Tresemme Argan oil so that I can tone down the electricity in my hair :p those two were so good but now I'm thinking of something deeper to heal my hair, will see about that!

the biggest experimental part of last year was related to taking care of my face! because of my pregnancy I had a big discoloration issues especially on my face and neck, in other words the most apparent thing in me :p so I had to take extra care of my face in terms of daily moisturizing, night care and face wash and cleansers. so these products were close to my heart for everything they did for me =) 1. Garnier night cream and eye roll-on: As a new mom I wanted things that have huge impact but don't require a lot work! so I met this Garnier night cream on my mom's night stand :p I started using it and the results were really quick like within a week! so I had to get my own and while I was looking for it I came across the roll-on and I know that I have to take care of my under eye area more than ever and I got it. Even though I didn't see any results from using the roll-on I still loved it xD because when applying it, it gives a refreshing feeling and cool kinda of thing I just love it!
2. Soap and Glory - Peaches and clean: My all times favorite cleanser! I have an oily skin but every cleanser I used before seem to dry my face out! even those that are soap free unlike this one ❤ it's very gentle but affective. I love how my face feels after using it! I think this is my 3rd bottle so far!
3. St.Ives - Apricot scrub: sometimes I like to pamper myself before the weekend or before an event or simply when I'm tired and need to spoil myself a little. and the one that I like last year was this scrub, it says that it can be used on a daily basis but I think that it would be harsh on my skin to do so but overall I love how it cleans without drying my face!
4. Olay double action essentials - oily/combo moisturizing gel: I was never really a fan of Olay products :/ they were heavy and they turn into a weird color whenever I use them! while I was looking for an oil control moisturizer I saw this one and I thought why not try it! OMG how much I love it now! because it's a gel it is early and quickly absorbed and my face does not get oily quick when I use it! this became a must have item for me!  

Ooh makeup! one of the things that I've been using since like ever is the Labello lip balm, I've tried most of the colors and flavors as well as the different formulas! this summer I met my favorite of all which is the watermelon one ❤ a lot of people say that they hate its smell but not me! I love it and what makes it my best is its pinkish color that looks so natural on me. when it comes to real makeup there's no doubt that The Balm - Nude 'tude palette was my favorite! I mean look at the colors and just imagine how many looks you can create with them, from simple to sparkly to smokey! and they're really pigmented. 
Last but not least, the scent of 2015 was J'adore by Dior. This perfume holds a special memory in my heart ❤ before I knew I was pregnant I bought a perfume BUT then I couldn't bare smelling it! and my mom smelled it before on me and she liked it so I gave it to her. Only few days later she surprised me with this beauty ❤❤ it's so feminine and I used it through out my pregnancy so it just holds every beautiful moment from my mom and my little angels. 
and that was my bests of 2015 I just wish that 2016 would be filled with joy, happiness and love for all :) 

Take care beauties,