Thursday, August 14, 2014

DIY - Lip scrub !!

Happy thursday everyone :D today I thought I would share with you something I've recently became addicted to! which is a lip scrub - I've been looking for "the" best lip scrub, a lot of people recommended a DIY scrub so I thought let's try that! I've been using it now for almost two months and I can tell you I am 100% in love with how my lips look and feel! it's simple, effective and you can always refill it ;p the main two products for a simple lip scrub would be sugar and oil and that's it but as I was searching I found some who said that you can add just about what you like so here is how I did mine, we will need:
- Normal sugar (some say they use powder sugar but it gave me a paste sort of thing! so I went to normal one) - 2 tbs
- Olive oil (or any oil you wish) - ½ or 3/4 tbs
- Rose water (because I know how beneficial it is to beauty purposes - and that is my personal addition to the scrub ;p) - 3-6 drops as you like
- food color (just a fun addition and to make it look professional!) - 3 drops
- container

first add the sugar and then the oil gradually and make sure that sugar is always greater than the oil or else it will be too greasy >_< we defiantly don't want that! and this is how it's gonna look like

then add the rose water and the color, mix them all together and you have your lovely lip scrub!! you can also add flavor but I didn't like it :p

and to get the best out of this scrub I put a lip butter on before sleeping because it gives my lips intensive moister and when I wake up I scrub my lips gently but making sure that every dead cell or flake is removed and then I apply a lip balm just because the sugar makes you feel like your lips are dry!

Trust me you will fall in love with your lips ! I know I did ;)
enjoy your weekend !  

Labello lip butter ( Raspberry rose), Labello lip balm (strawberry)  

Sunday, August 10, 2014

My first wall art!!

a while ago when my sister moved to her new room :p in which I felt like it was missing a wall art touch! so I promised her that I will do her a beautiful piece to decorate her coral pink room! I was pleased with what I managed to create but after I printed it out OMG!!! I couldn't be anymore proud! I sometimes doubt my abilities and that was the first time in which I saw a clear result of what I can do!! I'm so happy and I know that that poster will not be my last!

what do you think?  

Monday, August 4, 2014

Happy Eid week :)

Happy Monday everyone, last week was a  very special one since it was Eid time!! and to me Eid is all about family, food, and fashion. I spent 5 days in a row just gathering with family, my family side or my husband's side and to sum these five days all I can say is they were FUN! ugh I just love Eid and everything about it, even though every where gets to be super crowded but everyone is entitled to enjoy this lovely time if the year! in Eid day the sun seems brighter and everyone wears a smile along side with their new outfits! ! As for me I wanted my outfit to be girlie - hint: a dress! I wanted something fresh and colorful and I found a good material but after I got it I wasn't really sure that it was going to be what I imagine it to be - after it was ready I fell in love with it, it was summery, full of color and girlie!! and for the first time in my life -probably- I paired that dress with a match-y match bag and shoes!! something I would never do, but it was pretty nice change! Also I wanted to keep things simple so I didn't really go that far with accessories I wore a gold set with a white watch and that was it! As for makeup it was also simple with lovely pink lipstick and golden green eyeliner!  

How was your Eid or week :p? and have a nice week ❤

Shoes NewLook, bag Aldo, watch(old) Juicy couture - similar, belt 1002, gold gold shop, Studio fix powder+Foundation Mac, concealer elf, blusher Red Earth, Lipstick YSL, eyeliner Bourjois, eyebrow pencil Mikyajy, perfume Gucci, body spray&moisturizer Victoria's secret - island getaway edition   

Monday, July 14, 2014

FAVes !!

Hello lovely people!!
I've been wanting to do this post for a very long time but every time I start I just feel like mmm no not this time, and just about the other day I felt like YES I should do this post! I've always been a "dear diary" kinda person, I love writing down what special things happen in my life or what goes around me and after sometime you just go back to remember all these warm and fuzzy memories! No wonder I fell in love with blogging -duh!! :p- So there were few people in this internet "blogging" world that were very inspiring to me without them knowing that!! I just wish that someday I'll influence someone just like what they did to me! I do follow a lot of bloggers and vloggers and I get so excited when they post something new but I will name only 3 here because I really am obsessed with their posts - if I can say that!!

my first inspirational person is -drum rolls- missglamorazzi
she is a very genuine person outgoing, so passionate about everything in life!! I know she's a vlogger but still she inspires me to just go forward with my blog I just relate to her so much! I recently got to know her youtube channel in the new year, which is like 6 months ago but ever since I've been so addicted to her videos!! I have to be honest I was into blogging a long time before knowing about missglamorazzi but she became my number one because … I just relate to her and besides her channel is like 5 years old!! that's super big number right?!!

My second best is ….. mariannan
what can I say about marianna!! I knew her blog like 2 years ago and she was the biggest influencer that made me set my mind into getting into the blogging world! I mean in one week I saw all of her posts, which go back to like 2 years and they were FULL of adventure and while reading the post I felt like I was living with her or something like that :p I got a lot of emotions through her post timeline like one minute happy the second eyes full of tears because she did accomplish some amazing things!! in short she's a real inspiration!!

and my last but not least fav is … pastrymaker
I know instagram is not anywhere near blogging but this person through her account she turned that passion in my to just do what I love doing and to just do it! I was a little surprised that she lives near by but it just gave me more energy to believe that if she can do it then so can I, because sometimes I really feel like I need a huge push to do what's on my mind and she simply did that. I also tried her victoria cake without know that she was the one who did it but OMG!! that was a piece of heaven! so delicious.

with all that being said I LOVE knowing more and more bloggers, vloggers and anyone who is passionate about life! so tell me who do you follow or like?
and until next time I wish you a joyFULL week :)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

It's summer!!

Hello everyone :)

I miss blogging and I can't believe that I've finally got the chance to be back and I know I shouldn't leave for such a long time!!

What have you been doing so far? It's finally FUN season! I Love June and I love summer as well so this time of the year is very refreshing to me. I always feel like it's the time where you sort your to-do lists for the year again and add fun to that! Last two months were a little busy and messy for me but there were two lovely tiny kids joining our family - a nephew and a niece :3 - I spent those two months visiting relatives, eating delicious food, wedding parties, checking my favorite bloggers, and working! But for the upcoming sunny hot days I have planned a lot of joyful, fun things to do!! Besides it's world cup fever time!!! How about you? I wish you a summer full of fun!! Enjoy! 

Friday, March 28, 2014

blossoming spring

Rise and shine lovlies! it's officially spring - for a week now :p - and with spring comes a lot of beautiful things like flowers, mother's day, lovely weather , and beautiful clothes! It is the time of the year where you won't be wearing tons of clothes but still wearing a beautiful amount that makes you look fabulously elegant and fresh!! I just love it, and fashion at this time is insanely beautiful!!! I hope you're enjoying spring as much as I am :) have a joyful friday   

Sunday, March 16, 2014

drugstore attraction!!

Hello lovelies!

They say "don't judge a book by its cover!" and I mostly agree but sometimes its the packaging that really attracts you to that particular thing!! I'm not talking about books here buy for a while whenever I pass by a drugstore in the mall I can't help but notice those beautifully cute pink products!!! Soon later I started hearing a lot about these beauties and that made me want to try them even more especially because I've been wanting to get a decent cleanser for my oily face *oops :P* so I ended up with a beautiful collection of scrubs (The breakfast scrub, scrub'm and leave 'em, and flake away) :p and the thing that I wanted (Peaches and clean purifying cleanser) with a little treat which is the face massage mini mitt! I wanted to get more products but I told myself to try these first then decide if I love these pinkies or not! So far I've been using the 3 of what I've got: the cleanser with the mini mitt and flake away scrub. I've always struggled with finding a face cleanser that makes my face doesn't glow but not dry! and this cleanser made me fall in love with it as it does what I want, it's so soft and purifying really! I put a little of it on the mitt and massage my face as well as clean it and then feel pretty :D and the scrub (Sugar, Honey, and Shea butter) it really flakes away dead skin and the Shea butter really shows its work!! I can't wait to use the other two!!    
Another product line I've been hearing a lot about for some time also with a beautiful package :p are the Macadamia products! I wasn't really sure that I would find it here but lucky me I saw a huge ad about these magical green and brown products so I went to that drugstore and saw the cutest promo ever!!! 
When I saw this "No tangle promo" I felt like it was meant for me because before that day I was seriously thinking of getting a detangler - you know the pink one- and there it was with treatment oil and repair masque!! I couldn't say no and it was a good deal before I take the big size. Ever since that day, my hair and "no-tangle" are best friends, it's so gentle and stress free and beautiful :p! To test the other products I saved them for a special occasion which happened to be my friend's wedding, when I first put the masque on my hair its smell was a little intense to me but then it was nice and after I washing and drying it I got the results of which my hair felt softer - my hair is normal - then I applied the oil after I finished styling it and I was a little surprised but the oil's thickness *oops* and it gave me a lovely finish - no frizzy hair! I loved these products but I feel like the oil doesn't give me a wow thing :p ! 
I love trying out new things, specially when they give me something good and not regret buying them ;)
how about you ?
PS. I'm so excited about my blog's new look :3 
Have a beautiful day ❤ 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A little wish to come true!

Hello lovelies ❤
I miss blogging! it's been a while but it was only because I was traveling with my family!! I spent almost 2 weeks in a city in Iran and my last trip there was summer 2010 I think, so to be there at this time of the year a lot have changed!! and the city absolutely looks different than the greenish summery look! it looked a little sad and grey which is something I'm not really used to see in that city and I would totally root for summer there!

after few days the weather changed dramatically, suddenly it's so cold like 3 C which is to me was super cold, given the fact that my home island's coldest winter degree would probably be 10 C! and as the sun have set that day we started noticing little cotton flakes flying in the air and that's when we realized that OMG it's snowing!!!!!

It only took few minutes to whiten the entire place!! I was so happy to see that, I felt like a little girl and even my dad's inner child was awake!! we were touching the snow, making ice balls and icemen it was just so fun and joyful!

and when the snow stopped, wearing tons of clothes was not enough to keep us warm! it was freezing to live in -16 C but that's how I knew that sometimes the coolness of the winter can take summer's hotness down! :p
Seeing the snow was one of my oldest wishes ever! I'm so glad that it came true and I don't think that I'll behave in a different way when I see it again :p! after all I still get super happy when it rains! :D don't you?!

have a nice day ❤  

Friday, January 17, 2014

what been happening so far!

Hello sweeties ❤
How is your new year so far? to me, the last two weeks were going on a slow rhythm, mostly routine stuff with some new activities ....

One of these new activities is being "healthy"! this mostly happens during summer when I decide to have a good shape but when I go to a gym it's mostly that I'll go once a week and something has to come up and my schedule is entirely ruined!! so I made a little plot twist, by bringing the gym to ME!  what a great idea, right?! the first day I worked out I was throwing up air :p but then everything was so exciting, though my body is still stretched but hopefully the results are gonna be awesome!!! I love exercising in the morning to boost up my energy through out the whole day, so when I'm done I have all the time I need to blog, design, check my favorite blogs,and tumblr! after lunch it's time to glam myself and decide what to wear depending on my mood - which sometimes is a very bad thing!! - but the other day the weather was more of a spring-ish than winter cold so floral and pastel were perfect for such a lovely day!so tell me what are your new adventures or plans? have a nice day :)