Tuesday, November 26, 2013

what makes a great weekend!

Hii lovelies ❤
How are you this week, and how is November so far? my November have been a little slow not much happening but last week was all about the rain, it was raining literally all week! but it was so cozy, and eventually the rain stopped in thursday just in time for the WEEKEND!- our weekend is friday and saturday- to me weekend is all about great food, having fun and getting together with my family! So thursday night I knew I had to have pizza! ❤ while I was waiting for my margarita pizza we got this lovely mushroom soup of which I tried liking it several time but FAILED, and you see my baby setting with us ;p !  

Whenever I see flowers I can't not take photos of them! they're so beautiful! but I didn't get any because I have some seeds at home that I need to grow them before thinking of buying other flowers :p ! and one of my recent favorite snacks is cinnamon from cinnamon! I used to hate its smell, now when I smell it it's like they're calling me to eat them ;p! and finally my outfit for friday was stripes and lace!   
Outfit:  dress worn as a shirt : asosjeans: local storewatch: DKNYbag: local store :p MK copy! and Victoria's secrets sheer love body mist!How about your weekends how do you spend them?have a nice week ❤ 
 *Blogger makes me so mad sometimes it drives me crazy with pics and writing! is it just me ?


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    1. Hi :) aww thanks and what a pleasure to have you as a follower :)