Tuesday, December 31, 2013

do it yourself!

one of the things I love is personalizing my stuff and I so love it when someone says  "OMG that is so you" yay! like the best compliment ever! it's either for a clothing piece, colors , or simply anything I own! 
A few months ago I got a notebook for my bag - sometimes a flying idea comes into my mind and I like being old fashioned about it so I write it down instead of saving it on my iPhone - and ever since I got it I was thinking of changing its cover a little. Until this week of which I thought of doing my unfinished work before 2014! and that little make over was one of these things :D I felt like a kid playing while doing that make over and I'm actually super happy about the results ^_^ and to celebrate my happiness I made a lovely dinner for my family that we all loved! 
I'm definitely not going to let my devilish lazy side convince me with the "later" idea ever again :p I'm more than ready for new dream, hope, and goals! welcome 2014!!

happy new year ✭ and may this be the year of which all of your dreams and wishes come true ❤ 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dec 17 - something new, something cold, and something borrowed!!

Good evening  :)It's finally getting colder here like 17˚ !! - yes that's our sweet winter xD - and everywhere is frosted with lights .. lights! for the national day and christmas! Day by day I get super excited for the new year .. 2014 I know it's gonna be good ان شاء الله ! with that excitement I wanna show you my recent new spicy items in my life :p and first is my new NIKON D7000! omg I still can't believe I got this lovely cam! I remember having it on my wish list for 2013! so happy and proud, and I have a new promise to myself which is to benefit from it to the best for me and for the world :) other new stuff are baby lips lip balm from maybelline so sweet and gives good moister but oops not the best color for me :p! the carrie diaries "Summer and the city" is my bed time story to have big dreams and wake up to capture these dreams :) also my baby flowers, can't wait to see them grow!! and finally Victoria's secrets pure daydream collection!! I love how intense VS's products lovely smell!! and that's it for today, my home is filled with original popcorn smell ❤ :p I love having hot food in this lovely cold weather..

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

nothing but cupcake!!

Hello lovelies!!!
It's been a long time since I came here! how are you and what have you been doing lately! for myself I became addicted to "Jelly splash" game!! did you play it ? it's so addictive and right now I'm waiting for some keys :p if you know what I mean, it you haven't played it yet trust me it's fun!
I have a lot of stories to tell and I'll start with the one thing that made me fall in love, which is .... cupcakes!!
Last weekend I went to this adorable place called "Haute cupcake" and simply I fell in love with the cupcakes and the entire place!! I had velvet red and cappuccino in one word : yum!! we also tried tiramisu and tea, also delicious!

It was my first time there and definitely not gonna be my last! though I never knew I was a huge fan of cupcakes :p they're so cute like happiness in a small cake :p 

so tell me what's your favorite cupcake?!   
have a lovely week! 

Monday, December 2, 2013

geometric art!

Hello sweeties,
Ever since I started the blog I promised myself couple of things, which are:
- DO NOT GIVE UP on anything just because it's hard, they say the beginning is always the hardest!! so NO, keep going!
- say no to hesitation! there are a lot of things I feel so excited to do but because I tend to hesitate I don't do most of these things!! and eventually wish I had! it also has something to do with fear and shyness!!
that's mostly what I really need to stop doing! or start doing :P
anyway! to start something to help myself against these promises is to practice more of something I so much love, which is graphic design! ❤ I'm currently working on polishing my skills and I told myself that it is a step by step thing and here's what I did last night from the tutorials by spoongraphics and then I added some little touches of my own!

so tell me what do you think! 
and have a nice day ❤

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hello December

Hi sweeties
I can't believe it's already December, I feel like this year has pass by so fast! but still there are at least 30 days to finish up what we look for to achieve this year, right?!

Anyway, for couple of months now I've been wanting to get a Jogger :p it's a very different piece to my wardrobe but I just felt like it would be a great add! So the other day in the mall I noticed a new shop opening there, and the colors of the shop attracted me so I thought of checking the shop which is Mataln. The shop was specious nice and it had a lot of nice stuff, and that's when I found this Jogger! I wasn't really sure if I really want it and it will look good on me or not, so I thought let's try it!

I first tried the safe option on the right and then when trying the left one I tried not to look at the mirror but then I actually loved it and pictured it with a hot lovely high heel pop of color shoes! I knew I had to have it! so I did :)
Yesterday I took that new piece into action and paired it with a black transparent with lace details blouse and as I pictured a turquoise high heels - I think this look is very different of what I used to but it's a good thing to try new stuff right!

I'm hoping that my next step would be boyfriend jeans even though I can't see myself there :p oops!
what do you think of the look I created? can I make it cooler in another way? and what are your new try outs?

have a joyful month,
see you soon ❤

Jogger: Mataln
Shoes: H&M - old
Blouse and bag: local shop
heart necklace: forever 21
watch: everswiss

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