Friday, January 17, 2014

what been happening so far!

Hello sweeties ❤
How is your new year so far? to me, the last two weeks were going on a slow rhythm, mostly routine stuff with some new activities ....

One of these new activities is being "healthy"! this mostly happens during summer when I decide to have a good shape but when I go to a gym it's mostly that I'll go once a week and something has to come up and my schedule is entirely ruined!! so I made a little plot twist, by bringing the gym to ME!  what a great idea, right?! the first day I worked out I was throwing up air :p but then everything was so exciting, though my body is still stretched but hopefully the results are gonna be awesome!!! I love exercising in the morning to boost up my energy through out the whole day, so when I'm done I have all the time I need to blog, design, check my favorite blogs,and tumblr! after lunch it's time to glam myself and decide what to wear depending on my mood - which sometimes is a very bad thing!! - but the other day the weather was more of a spring-ish than winter cold so floral and pastel were perfect for such a lovely day!so tell me what are your new adventures or plans? have a nice day :) 


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