Sunday, March 16, 2014

drugstore attraction!!

Hello lovelies!

They say "don't judge a book by its cover!" and I mostly agree but sometimes its the packaging that really attracts you to that particular thing!! I'm not talking about books here buy for a while whenever I pass by a drugstore in the mall I can't help but notice those beautifully cute pink products!!! Soon later I started hearing a lot about these beauties and that made me want to try them even more especially because I've been wanting to get a decent cleanser for my oily face *oops :P* so I ended up with a beautiful collection of scrubs (The breakfast scrub, scrub'm and leave 'em, and flake away) :p and the thing that I wanted (Peaches and clean purifying cleanser) with a little treat which is the face massage mini mitt! I wanted to get more products but I told myself to try these first then decide if I love these pinkies or not! So far I've been using the 3 of what I've got: the cleanser with the mini mitt and flake away scrub. I've always struggled with finding a face cleanser that makes my face doesn't glow but not dry! and this cleanser made me fall in love with it as it does what I want, it's so soft and purifying really! I put a little of it on the mitt and massage my face as well as clean it and then feel pretty :D and the scrub (Sugar, Honey, and Shea butter) it really flakes away dead skin and the Shea butter really shows its work!! I can't wait to use the other two!!    
Another product line I've been hearing a lot about for some time also with a beautiful package :p are the Macadamia products! I wasn't really sure that I would find it here but lucky me I saw a huge ad about these magical green and brown products so I went to that drugstore and saw the cutest promo ever!!! 
When I saw this "No tangle promo" I felt like it was meant for me because before that day I was seriously thinking of getting a detangler - you know the pink one- and there it was with treatment oil and repair masque!! I couldn't say no and it was a good deal before I take the big size. Ever since that day, my hair and "no-tangle" are best friends, it's so gentle and stress free and beautiful :p! To test the other products I saved them for a special occasion which happened to be my friend's wedding, when I first put the masque on my hair its smell was a little intense to me but then it was nice and after I washing and drying it I got the results of which my hair felt softer - my hair is normal - then I applied the oil after I finished styling it and I was a little surprised but the oil's thickness *oops* and it gave me a lovely finish - no frizzy hair! I loved these products but I feel like the oil doesn't give me a wow thing :p ! 
I love trying out new things, specially when they give me something good and not regret buying them ;)
how about you ?
PS. I'm so excited about my blog's new look :3 
Have a beautiful day ❤ 


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