Monday, August 4, 2014

Happy Eid week :)

Happy Monday everyone, last week was a  very special one since it was Eid time!! and to me Eid is all about family, food, and fashion. I spent 5 days in a row just gathering with family, my family side or my husband's side and to sum these five days all I can say is they were FUN! ugh I just love Eid and everything about it, even though every where gets to be super crowded but everyone is entitled to enjoy this lovely time if the year! in Eid day the sun seems brighter and everyone wears a smile along side with their new outfits! ! As for me I wanted my outfit to be girlie - hint: a dress! I wanted something fresh and colorful and I found a good material but after I got it I wasn't really sure that it was going to be what I imagine it to be - after it was ready I fell in love with it, it was summery, full of color and girlie!! and for the first time in my life -probably- I paired that dress with a match-y match bag and shoes!! something I would never do, but it was pretty nice change! Also I wanted to keep things simple so I didn't really go that far with accessories I wore a gold set with a white watch and that was it! As for makeup it was also simple with lovely pink lipstick and golden green eyeliner!  

How was your Eid or week :p? and have a nice week ❤

Shoes NewLook, bag Aldo, watch(old) Juicy couture - similar, belt 1002, gold gold shop, Studio fix powder+Foundation Mac, concealer elf, blusher Red Earth, Lipstick YSL, eyeliner Bourjois, eyebrow pencil Mikyajy, perfume Gucci, body spray&moisturizer Victoria's secret - island getaway edition   


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