Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21


One of the most anticipated times of the year is March 21, why you may ask? because it is "Mother's Day!" though they deserve more than a day, still it is so beautiful to fully dedicate this day to mothers and make them feel super special, it doesn't have to be with a pricy gift or even a gift for that matter. Just a simple gesture can make a mother's heart skip a beat of happiness. Therefore, I decided to dedicate this post to a wonderful woman, my wonder woman, my mum ❤ and now that I'm a mother myself I know how much she gave us everything she could with an unconditional love that we can't no matter how hard we try to repay that! but for now all I can say is thank you god for blessing me with my mum and I LOVE YOU!

Happy mother's day ...


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