Tuesday, March 1, 2016

all time prime!!

Do you ever feel like you're a perfectionist? like you care about every little detail?! like you want that particular thing to be the best of all? as for me I would say that I do that - sometimes- yes I'm guilty!!  one of the things I tend to seek perfection in or the best of all are beauty products. I love makeup but I don't like wearing it all the time everyday so I look for something that can give me great results in terms of shine-control considering that I have an oily skin. One product that really attracted me and I've heard a lot about is The Porefessional from Benefit, but before I run and buy it I thought of trying it and to be honest even my husband noticed that my skin looked silkier! so I had it on top of my must have list, and for my luck when I finally went to buy it it was holidays season aka December and I got it with a nice package and lovely sample gifts.

the all time prime package contains the porefessional balm, Stay don't stray eyeshadow primer, and Stay flawless primer. So far it's been almost three months since I had this and I can say I LOVE the porefessional balm! it's looks beautiful on it's own, controls shine for more than 4 hours and when using it as a primer with makeup it makes it look smooth and pretty. as for the other primers I didn't like the "Stay flawless" primer it dries quickly and I couldn't blend it - I didn't really give it a second chance but I didn't like it! on the other hand the eyeshadow primer is so nice! It really shows my eyeshadow and it keeps my eye lids from creasing for like 5 hours! it can be used as a primer for the under eye concealer but I didn't really try that, maybe I should!
The sales lady was really nice to me and she gave me the porefessional license to blot blotting stick and they're real mascara - but I forgot to take a picture of it! I love mascaras that give volume more than length and "they're real" is more of a lengthening kind of mascara so I use it as a first coat then apply Dior show mascara or by itself for neutral look! but the stick I didn't really know how to use it because when I did "blot" the shiny areas of my face it kind of smudged my makeup - hmm! so I can't really say much about it! 
If there's one for sure thing to say about benefit products is they're awesome packaging!! they're so cute and appealing! 

have a nice day and Hello March!


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