Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It's all about books ...


When I was little my dad used to take us every mean while to bookstores, book fairs and even when we travel it's a must-visit to bookstores there. and I do remember that he never says no when we want to buy a book actually he used to appraise our choices and sometimes recommends something so we can better learn and read! so that was something I grew up on and loved it, and thank god my husband also has a huge library.. lucky me, I really hope that I can pass that to my daughters! One of the things I look for every time is Bahrain International Book Fair that a lot of people in my country look forward too as well - which is a really nice thing.. ever since I saw those big ads that it will open in March I was so excited to go and so I went today!! unfortunately my visit was super short because I got there like 8.45 pm and it closes at 10.00 pm so I didn't really have enough time but I did get some cool stuff! 

though I love reading but I'm not really a novel's kind of person, so I like other things - I don't know what to call them but you know what I mean :D and mostly I like inspirational and motivational kind of books so that's all I bought! It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be - Paul Arden, Whatever you think, think the opposite - Paul Arden, and let me translate it in the most appropriate way: Inspiring people - Saleh Alkhazem. 
I wanted to find something for the girls but I didn't get to the kids section but I did get them those cute puppets!! I think they're more colorful than cute :3 but let's hope it does the trick!! 
I really hope I can go before it ends but if I couldn't I'm happy with what I've got! 



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