Thursday, May 12, 2016

Ooh lipstick!

Hello lovelies ✿

they say "If you're sad, add more lipstick and attack" one of the things I get so excited about ever since I was a little girls is lipstick, and still do! I believe that it can tell a lot about you and how you feel. because when deciding what color to wear I always choose one that depends on my mood! that's why I cherish my lipstick family wether it was cream, matte, liquid or even shimmery!   

On most days when I'm feeling calm and normal I wear neutrals and recently I've been obsessing over Kiko's " Classic rose" it's so pretty and creamy, I can't get enough of it! the other one from ArtDeco "Soft rose"  is almost the same but shimmery.
 Wearing bold lipstick is like wearing high heels, it just adds more confidence to your look! and I just noticed that my bold lipsticks are matte!! I really don't know why! A classic red I think is a must have and similar to it is a bright pink! 
I've always been a fan of lipgloss, it reminds me of my teenage years ❤ and with liquid lipsticks it kind of reminded me of that time! I've been hearing a lot about NYX liquid lipsticks especially the matte ones and I fell in love with "Prague" it was a new shade that I wanted to have and they were on sale so I couldn't resist neutral one "San Paulo". I loved them both, they're creamy but matte and they kind of smell like Vanilla which is so sweet. The other one is very pigmented pink-ish brown one I love it as well! 
This must be my only high end lipstick YSL and it's very special to me it was a gift from my sister, it's a soft girly pink with shimmer. I love wearing it for glamourous looks and it looks so feminine.

I have to say that I care a lot about lipstick's names, they make me like it even more and I've been eyeing some new products that I want to join my family! but for now I love what I have, they relate to how I feel :) 

have a lovely weekend, 



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