Monday, January 18, 2016

memories of 2015

Happy new year :)
I know it's almost two weeks late to say so but I still wanted to say it anyway ;) though this post was published and then deleted!! I don't know how but I don't mind doing it all over again!

I know that years from now when I look at older posts I would remember everything about the time I wrote it or how I prepared for it and most importantly is how I felt about it! so I thought of wrapping all of 2015 memories into my first best of the year products -yay so happy!

Taking care of hair last year was a little bit more intense than ever, because I suffered from a severe hair-loss and overall damaged because of the post pregnancy thing! so the best products that were there with me through those hard times were:

1. Indola Innova - hair growth tonic: I had this tonic for quite some time but never really used it well until July. I used it every night on damp or dry hair hoping that something will change because I reached to a point where I was really insecure about my hair condition! After almost two weeks I started noticing that the falling hair was less than before and sooner there was baby hair :D really happy with the results and I still use it! LOVE IT.
2. Macadamia Healing oil: when I say that my hair was damaged I mean frizzy and crazy and when I thought that by getting a short hair cut would solve the problem, I actually made it worse!! therefore I started using this oil Along with Tresemme Argan oil so that I can tone down the electricity in my hair :p those two were so good but now I'm thinking of something deeper to heal my hair, will see about that!

the biggest experimental part of last year was related to taking care of my face! because of my pregnancy I had a big discoloration issues especially on my face and neck, in other words the most apparent thing in me :p so I had to take extra care of my face in terms of daily moisturizing, night care and face wash and cleansers. so these products were close to my heart for everything they did for me =) 1. Garnier night cream and eye roll-on: As a new mom I wanted things that have huge impact but don't require a lot work! so I met this Garnier night cream on my mom's night stand :p I started using it and the results were really quick like within a week! so I had to get my own and while I was looking for it I came across the roll-on and I know that I have to take care of my under eye area more than ever and I got it. Even though I didn't see any results from using the roll-on I still loved it xD because when applying it, it gives a refreshing feeling and cool kinda of thing I just love it!
2. Soap and Glory - Peaches and clean: My all times favorite cleanser! I have an oily skin but every cleanser I used before seem to dry my face out! even those that are soap free unlike this one ❤ it's very gentle but affective. I love how my face feels after using it! I think this is my 3rd bottle so far!
3. St.Ives - Apricot scrub: sometimes I like to pamper myself before the weekend or before an event or simply when I'm tired and need to spoil myself a little. and the one that I like last year was this scrub, it says that it can be used on a daily basis but I think that it would be harsh on my skin to do so but overall I love how it cleans without drying my face!
4. Olay double action essentials - oily/combo moisturizing gel: I was never really a fan of Olay products :/ they were heavy and they turn into a weird color whenever I use them! while I was looking for an oil control moisturizer I saw this one and I thought why not try it! OMG how much I love it now! because it's a gel it is early and quickly absorbed and my face does not get oily quick when I use it! this became a must have item for me!  

Ooh makeup! one of the things that I've been using since like ever is the Labello lip balm, I've tried most of the colors and flavors as well as the different formulas! this summer I met my favorite of all which is the watermelon one ❤ a lot of people say that they hate its smell but not me! I love it and what makes it my best is its pinkish color that looks so natural on me. when it comes to real makeup there's no doubt that The Balm - Nude 'tude palette was my favorite! I mean look at the colors and just imagine how many looks you can create with them, from simple to sparkly to smokey! and they're really pigmented. 
Last but not least, the scent of 2015 was J'adore by Dior. This perfume holds a special memory in my heart ❤ before I knew I was pregnant I bought a perfume BUT then I couldn't bare smelling it! and my mom smelled it before on me and she liked it so I gave it to her. Only few days later she surprised me with this beauty ❤❤ it's so feminine and I used it through out my pregnancy so it just holds every beautiful moment from my mom and my little angels. 
and that was my bests of 2015 I just wish that 2016 would be filled with joy, happiness and love for all :) 

Take care beauties, 


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