Sunday, May 17, 2015

Florals? for spring? GROUND BREAKING ..!!!

Greetings everyone :)

I hope you're enjoying this lovely time of the year as much as I am! Spring to me is just another excuse to indulge myself with florals, from clothes to scents to furniture and I can go on and on… but yeah that's how much I adore florals and flowers. Even though it's almost Summer (YAY!) there's still some time to enjoy the rest of Spring.
The other day I was looking for a floral scented bath products that's when I met Marks & Spencer's Floral Collection ❤❤

The first thing that caught my attention was the design - I tend to pay a lot of attention to small details :p and I love watercolor prints and designs - but when I smelled it!!! ooooh it was another story! I'm someone who is addicted to Rose water and that collection especially "Rose" smelled just like that! so I didn't really hesitated on buying it but unfortunately it was a new collection so most of the products of that collection were out of stock but I did get the Foaming bath and I do remember that there was a matching bag but I don't know why I didn't take it! After a while I needed to restock the foaming bath for a project that I was working on that I'll tell you about later ;) and when I went back to M&S there were a lot of products of the floral collection "Rose" but I didn't wanted to go so far I only took the foaming bath, body lotion, and spray.

Whenever I use any of them I feel like I'm in a field of roses, the smell is just so beautiful but not that heavy that you feel like you're choked by the scent. my favorite out of the 3 would be that foaming bath, it's really moisturizing and I use it as a shower gel :p and it's so good! The lotion I use it mostly for my hands, it provides a good amount of moisturizing but not an intensive one.
As for the spray I actually got it for linens and the room I just imagined the place turning into a field of roses and it's just the perfect Spring-ish smell! and as I expected it does fill my apartment with great scent, but the only downside to it is that it doesn't last for a long time! other than that I Loved it!

See you next time Lovelies! 
Have a nice day ✿


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